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Registration Acknowledgements 1. Sunday School tuition is $65/student/month. The first payment shall be made via credit card and the number securely recorded. Tuition payments after the first payment may be made by credit, check (payable to ICI) or cash and are due on the first Sunday of each month. If your payment is not received by the first Sunday, your charge card will be billed automatically for that month’s tuition fee. Full year or semester tuition payments are appreciated. 2. You are responsible to pay the monthly tuition fee regularly once your child is enrolled. Sunday School will charge the tuition fee monthly, regardless of attendance, unless we are informed in writing that your child has been withdrawn. 3. Textbooks necessary for your child’s class shall be purchased by you. 4. No student will be allowed to leave school without parental permission. Students are dismissed directly from the classroom teacher to their parent or guardian at the end of school. 5. The Principal has the right to expel any child at any time for misbehavior including, but not limited to: abuse of Masjid property, disrupting class, and disrespect of teachers and/or staff. 6. Students must dress in appropriate Islamic clothing. For boys, no shorts or sleeveless shirts. For girls, hijab and jilbab or loose fitting long-sleeved blouse and pants. 7. Students may not bring to school weapons of any sort. Cell phones must be silenced and kept in backpacks at all times and may not be used until after school. 8. Any damage to ICI property by the student is the responsibility of the parent. The parent will be required to bear the full cost to repair any damage caused by their child. 9. ICI management and school staff are not responsible for any accident, loss and/or damage, injury, or illness to the participating students.